Best fixed matches


best fixed matches

Let’s talk now about fixed matches, fixed match and free soccer tips, what they are, how they are treated by our team, how much and how this type of match should be bets.


Let’s start with the first ones, called fixed matches, what they are, how we learn about these games and how we should bet them to make the best possible profit.
This offer is called fixed matches for the simple reason that their result is predetermined before the game starts.

This type of matches is provided daily by our team, what does it all mean, that every day the team provides its subscribers 1 match that has a total share that starts from 5.00 up to 15.00, this fixed matches is a game with a pre-established result so it is a safe bet for our customers.
The type of result we provide for our daily fixed matches is HT / FT, which could be:
1/X, 2/X, 1/1, 2/2, X/1, X/2.
We are able to learn about the fixed matches thanks to some informants, who, after infiltrating teams, referees’ associations and more, are able to buy these matches and then resell them in turn,

in this way we guarantee best fixed matches with 0 chance of defeat.
For fixed matches, having an odd ranging from 5.00 to 15.00 it is recommended to use a medium-high bet,

we recommend starting with bets starting at € 50 for the first days, then,

based on the earnings, increase them accordingly, in this way, even if you have a low initial budget, you can still make excellent earnings,

which, in a period of 1 month can even exceed € 50000.
If our advice on how to bet the fixed matches is followed 100% you will see that the gains will be excellent from the first days.


Let’s talk now about the fixed match.
What are fixed match, how to bet them and how to make the best possible profit from them.
As seen in a previously published article, fixed match are 100% best fixed matches, that is fixed matches.
By sure tips our team means a set of 4 games that are wagered in a single ticket.

The sure tips individually have odds ranging from 4.00 to 11.00, by putting together 4 fixed matches and multiplying their odds we can get very high multipliers starting from 800.00 up to 1500.00.

Can you understand for yourself that with such high odds, making stellar profits is very simple.
We are able to learn about the best sure tips thanks to some informants, who,

after infiltrating teams, referees association and more, are able to buy these matches and then resell them in turn, in this way we guarantee the best fixed matches , with 0 chance of defeat.

The fixed match are available every Saturday and in some cases even on Wednesdays, so you understand for yourself that the gains that can be made with this type of matches are not daily but rather weekly.
Having such high odds it is possible to make stratospheric gains even with very small bets, such as € 2,

in fact if we take for example our maximum stake, that is 1500 and use a bet of € 2,

we would have a profit of € 3000! (1500 odds x € 2 = € 3000)
Now, you can understand for yourself that if you go to use higher bets you will be able to make even more money from our fixed matches.


We conclude with our soccer tips.
What are the free soccer tips, what is the difference between the free soccer tips and our 2 previous offers, that is fixed matches and the fixed match and finally we also see how to be able to make a profit.

The free soccer tips are free games that our team offers daily to all our visitors, even those who do not have the opportunity to subscribe.They are published every day on our site by a team that deals exclusively with that type of matches.

They are simple predictions, matches which result is predicted based on various information.
The main sources from which we draw information are:

  • Sports newspapers
  • Sports news
  • Social networks
  • Internet sites dealing with football.

To predict our free soccer tips we take these data into consideration:

  • Previous matches of the 2 teams that will face each other
  • Physical and psychological condition of each individual player
  • Relationship between coach and team
  • Referee who will referee the match
  • Stadium in which the two teams will play.

Once all this data has been analyzed, we come up with the best possible free soccer tips

soccer tips, 1X2 tips, sure tips

Our team publishes 1 free soccer tips every day as a minimum, on days when there are more games our offer may increase.

The minimum odds that are published is 1.40 but nothing prevents us from providing even higher odds.

These games, as mentioned above, are free,

which is why they cannot be considered 100% safe like our fixed matches and our fixed match, but have a guaranteed win percentage that is 70%.

Because of this we do not recommend betting large sums on this type of games,

we also recommend considering them as pastime bets and not as games with which to make real profits.

best fixed matches

To conclude our article we remind all our visitors that in case you are interested in best fixed matches to subscribe to our 2 main offers: fixed matches and fixed match

Our support is available 24/7, for further information regarding our fixed matches and fixed match please do not hesitate to contact us via whatsapp or email.

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