Football fixed matches


In this article we will analyze the football fixed matches, let’s see what they are.
Fixed matches are 100% safe matches.

These are matches that have the results already established before the match,

in which there are players and referees who decide the result of the match under a monetary reward.

These games are mainly in the second and third leagues where the money circulating is significantly less and for this reason the players and referees to make more money decide to sell some matches in exchange for a good remuneration of money.

How to understand which are football fixed matches and which are scams?

  • As you can see directly from our homepage, the team offers 2 fixed matches offers:
    fixed matches and fixed match.
    Fixed matches is an offer that is divided into 3 packages, 7, 14 and 30 days of subscription, with a daily fee ranging from a minimum of 5.00 to 15.00.
    This type of offer is suitable for those who want to make daily earnings.
    Fixed match instead is an offer that is provided on Saturdays, it is a package of 4 games that bets in a single ticket provide an odds ranging from a minimum of 800 to a maximum of 1500.
    As you can see for yourself from our price lists, both our fixed matches and the fixed match have a price ranging from € 100 upwards.
    How come this?
    Buying players and referees has a very high cost, which is why our informants sell the games at these prices.
    Recognizing a scam is very simple, just look at the price, if someone offers you fixed matches or fixed match at prices like 20/30 € you can easily change site because there are no such cheap fixed matches.


  • For the purchase of this type of games it is necessary to pay in advance because in the past it has happened many times that after sending the fixed matches and the fixed match, customers blocked us on all platforms so we ran out of money and had to give them to us. our pocket to pay our suppliers, for this reason our company policies have changed and now to receive our fixed matches and fixed match we ask for advance payments.
    To reassure our customers we also provide a moneyback service, so even in the event that one or more games are postponed, our customers will recover the money invested for the purchase.

What type of payment do you accept for your football fixed matches?

  • The main payment methods we accept are:
    – Western Union
    – Ria payment
    – Skrill
    – Neteller
    – Perfect Money
    – ADV cash
    – Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

For more information regarding our fixed matches and fixed match please do not hesitate to contact us, our support team is online 24/7.

Mail:   Whastapp: +39 320 786 7844

football fixed matches